Blankets – Share the Warmth

Woodend Rotary Blanket Collection for the Homeless

You would have noticed its getting a little colder over the last few weeks. Many of you may have your wood fires burning to take the edge off the cold. Have you thought about those that are doing it a little harder over the winter months?

You may recall last year that Woodend Rotary coordinated a blanket drive and had great support from you, the Woodend Community which saw 5 cubic metres of blankets and other items donated.

Woodend Rotarians were very pleased with the fantastic response from the community last year and we know it made a real difference.

Your support is required again this year as Woodend Rotary is coordinating the blanket drive for 2017. We are looking for blankets but will accept sleeping bags, coats, scarves and hats to be donated.

Items must be clean and in good order.

Drop off points have been established at Woodend Library and Mort & Pestle in Woodend.

Collection will continue until the end of June.

Items will then be transported to the Project centre in Hosier Lane Melbourne for distribution to those in need. This facility provides health, outreach, community, employment and education services to those experiencing disadvantage.  This project has real immediate impact to improve the conditions of so many people.

I hope the Woodend community again gets behind this project and look forward once again to being overwhelmed with the generosity of spirit shown by so many in our community.



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