Vanuatu Water tank completed by Woodend Rotary

Members of Woodend Rotary recently completed the installation of a water tank at the AOG church in Port Vila, Vanuatu.
12993339_931475583632215_1181497458598917531_nThe church is also the local evacuation center and during cyclone Pam last year housed over 300 men, women and children. During the cyclone the church lost its roof and everyone huddled at one end of the church. The roof has been replaced but what also happened was that the council turned off the water supply for a few days.
This new tank will ensure a steady supply of drinking water for days for hundreds of people in the community and at the centre.
Great project for Woodend Rotary which was appreciated by Pastor Youen and the community.
IMG_7349Thanks to Allan and Shirley Cann, Daniel Rigoni, Grant and Melissa Hocking who dedicated many days work to install the tank and new cyclone fence to help protect it from flying debris in the next storm.







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